1. Email Marketing Software Drives ROI Faster:

Immediate notification as to when prospects open your email gives you a jump on response. Jumping faster on qualified leads equals higher conversion rates.

2. Increased segmentation options:

Automated email marketing software allows for easier segmentation of messages to different audiences within your list.

3. Track and optimize:

Email marketing software takes the guesswork out of tracking and measuring results. Immediate updates on prospects’ click behavior let marketers tweak messages and distribution, providing the best opportunity for targeted email marketing.

4. Saves effort and time:

Email Marketing software considerably reduces the amount of manual work marketing professionals need to put in. The work that would normally take you weeks can be done in just a couple of hours.

5. Go green:

Using email marketing software largely means that you will be utilizing less paper. You might think this is not really a big deal. Remember the lesser paper and ink you are using, the more money you are saving.

6. Require No Technical Skill or Support Staff:

You do not have to worry about the technology or infrastructure required to send your email campaigns. Also most email marketing software do not have set-up costs, and many provide free ongoing support, so that you can focus your dollars on your business, not on the logistics of email marketing.

7. Handle Formatting:

Email marketing software usually sends emails in multipart format. This means that your emails will be delivered to your subscribers in the correct format every time.

8. Create Great Looking Emails:

Some email marketing software provides professional HTML templates to make email creation easy by eliminating the need for any HTML skill. Templates are pre-formatted to help you organize your content. They include appropriate fonts, colors and placeholders for graphics and company logos that are easily customized to create a look that matches your company’s website or brand.

9. Provide List Hosting and Management:

Email marketing software hosts your email list and automatically performs critical list management functions. These functions can include signup for new subscribers, editing capabilities so that subscribers can edit their own profiles, and the ability to unsubscribe with one click. Managing these critical list management functions using your standard email account is almost impossible.

10. Follow Professional Mailing Practices:

For those of you using Outlook or another email account, mistakes can happen. Perhaps the most common mistake is exposing your entire list in the To: line, which violates all of your list members’ confidentiality and exposes their email addresses. Email marketing software provides an automatic unsubscribe that is oft en effective immediately, and require inclusion of a physical address in every email.

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