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Build meaningful relationships, right on your website
Zopim helps you engage, satisfy and delight every visitor on your website, giving them a memorable experience they will never forget.

Create a good first impression
Sleek and professional, Zopim's chat widget looks good on any website. Customize it to your heart's content.

Greet visitors the way they like
Be professional, quirky, casual, or downright wacky. Only you know how your visitors love being greeted.

Let your chat widget work for you 24/7
Even while you're offline, Zopim collects messages that your visitors left for you.  Pipe them to your email, or CRM. Or simply hide the widget when you're not around.

Know your customers inside out
Help your customers better by understanding them well. Zopim provides loads of real-time info, including webpath, country, web-browser, etc.. You can also pull in data from your CRM solution.

Customer Reviews
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"Zopim allows us to ensure that our customers get the friendly, personal service they deserve. The live chat allows our customers to speak directly with us, the people who make their video or website; we can answer any question they have on a project instantly.“

“Super easy to setup and customize”

“Zopim allows me to stay connected with existing and potential customers”

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