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Resume Management
Source, Track and Hire candidates more efficiently. Zoho Recruit helps you to gather the resumes from multiple sources and manage them from a single place.

Post Job Openings

Publish jobs in your website and collect more resumes in a short span of time. This gives your hiring process a much wider exposure.

Client and Contact Management

Manage your clients and clients contacts at ease. Upload contract documents and other documents signed with the client for easy reference and get a quick view of the current status of all the job openings and candidates associated to the client.

Resume Parsing

Populate resumes from different sources like social sites, mail boxes, hard disks, etc., more quickly than ever. Instead of trying to key in each resume separately, you can easily parse and add resumes to Zoho Recruit.

Google Apps Integration

Zoho Recruit for Google Apps with Single Sign-on, allows you to access your Google Contacts, Users, Calendar and Emails from within Zoho Recruit.

Email Integration

Track all your email communication with candidates, clients and client contacts inside Zoho Recruit itself.

Custom Recruitment Workflow

No two recruiting processes are alike. Zoho Recruit can be fully customized to your needs. Create custom fields with our easy drag-and-drop UI. Trigger customized email notification on status change.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in

Easily add new candidates and contacts directly from Outlook Inbox to your Zoho Recruit - Recruitment Software

Customer Reviews
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Zoho Recruit has been an invaluable resource for our business. We generate approximately 40 applications per day and schedule at least 20 interviews per week. Zoho Recruit has allowed us to streamline this robust process with applications automatically populating into our database and we are able to track and report on all aspects of our recruiting process. Zoho Recruit has allowed us to be more efficient and allowed us to ensure that we interview and on-board the best candidates possible.

David Kreiger, Founder, SalesRoads, An Appointment Setting Company

As a recruiter, Zoho Recruit has helped me in the successful development of my work. Its very fast and quick to all inquiries from registration of candidates to the scheduling of interviews, publishing job openings and to send email with proper attachments to the clients, who need the information. I am very pleased with the support offered. The solutions are found with great agility. The service is excellent, very technical and always ready to understand the client, even if it is of another nationality and that I'm in Brazil and only speak Portuguese. I believe that this tool has tremendous potential for progress.

Andrea Passos, Director, Recrutech

Our recruiting clients love Zoho Recruit because it improves their ability to search across multiple field types easily. The user interface is easy to use and the fact that it is all online software helps them cut costs, increase scalability and to manage their business better.

Brett Price, Founder, Suite-Apps

Zoho Recruit has simplified the way we work with, both Clients and Candidates. The product is so easy to use, yet so powerful with many features a recruiter uses in his daily activity. The pricing is just right. The amazing thing about Zoho Recruit is, it is cloud based which is the way to go in future computing. We look forward to rolling out the product to all the other recruiters in our Agency, and will not hesitate recommending to recruiters outside our Agency.

Feroz Khan, Managing Director - WorkforceManpower, Singapore

Zoho Recruit has been a truly indispensable resource for our recruitment process. Zoho Recruit is very quick and a user friendly applicant tracking system that has effectively helped our HR/Recruitment department to track job openings, resumes, candidates and contacts. The online system helps us in increasing scalability and cutting costs in addition to streamlining our complete recruitment process. Also, the service is par excellence and goes far beyond the norm in responsiveness.

Banani Prusty, HR Manager - raw engineering pvt. ltd.

Effectively streamlines the recruiting process compared to non-automated methods. Once set up, the whole process can be managed with a few clicks: - Posting a vacancy on your website - Receiving applications, including files such as resume and candidate photograph - Scheduling interviews - Accepting or rejecting candidates

Rohan Barnett,

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