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"Feeds" - Your Team Coordinator
The smart, simple way to keep your team and projects on the fast track. "Feeds" helps team members effectively communicate and collaborate on what matters most. All in a highly visual environment that’s easy to navigate and use.

Project Collaboration
- Create workspaces, collaborate with teams and track progress through efficient collaboration
- Empower individuals to come together, unlock your group's potential and collaborate effectively on projects
- Escalate critical bugs and get immediate solution from experts in the team with project forums
- Facilitate communication between people and enhance knowledge sharing among team members
- Make quick decisions and eliminate the need to exchange a bunch of mails through group chat
- Integrate all your work to assure a quality project for the clients at reduced cost

Task Management
- Helps you to organize, assign tasks and priortize tasks using color codes all from a one place
- Milestones are a great way to monitor the progress and helps your project stay on schedule
- Allows you to set goals and milestones and keep track of deliverables and manage deadlines
- Proper schedules, continuous uninterrupted workflow with no delays and finish projects in time
- Eliminates the need to remember all tasks and makes you more productive by sending timely reminders
- Designed for simplicity. No complicated options. Use drag and drop to reorder your tasks

Issue Tracking
- Get a complete visibility of unresolved issues with views filtered by severity, category and due date
- Give a structure to how bugs are handled by defining a bug cycle based on various stages
- Organize how project members deal with bugs with customized work flow and business rules
- Motivate team members to fix issues with quick access to resolutions, history, comments for each issue
- Automate reminding and notifying members in charge of fixing bugs by setting notification patterns
- Improve productivity and avoid wasting time by exactly knowing which bugs are reproducible, to what level

Document Sharing
- Browse and upload files stored from your desktop, zoho docs and google docs
- Automatically tracks iterations of uploaded documents and maintain detailed history of each file
- Support various file types like .doc, .ppt, .pps, .xls, .pdf, .avi, .jpeg,. png, *.bmp, *.mpeg, *.zip etc
- View all documents using award-wining Zoho Office suite like Writer, Sheet, Show and Docs
- Add intuitive tag labels and define your own tagging structure for a quick search of documents
- Search project documents quickly using intuitive tag labels with a powerful search facility

Project Template
- Gives you a big picture of what has to be done next in a project
- Eases the burden on the project team as they help save time, effort and money
- Helps the project team in streamlining the project in a far more effective manner
- Templates are a boon to project managers as they help save time, energy and money
- Structures communication and engagements to ensure the final product is of high quality

Customer Reviews
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I chose Zoho Projects over 5pm, specifically because, though they are functionally similar, Zoho seems to understand the "smallest effective difference" (Tufte) approach to its UI design (at least in Projects). I need something that reflects the level of communication theory I provide to my clients, and Zoho Projects is it. It's friendly; the cognitive load it provokes is very light; and it's highly functional. Thx, Zoho!

Jude Calvillo,

Running a non-governmental organization with a team dispersed over several countries, we have mostly been struggling with collaboration. Zoho has solved many of our urgent problems: we can keep each other updated on the progress, schedule meetings, divide tasks, share documents, work together in real time and, thus, steer our progress much better. The Zoho platform is functional and intuitive, so that the whole team can use it easily. And the best of all: the Zoho team is always helpful on the spot, responsive and super-friendly whenever we have an issue.

Christine Huebner, Education, Jacobs Alumni

Zoho Projects is a great tool I’ve found to be extremely easy to use and highly cost-effective. The features of this online management software enable my employees to be more efficient by keeping communication, project to-dos and files in one central location. Great product!

William Craig, President, WebPage FX

For Cloudcamper, Zoho Projects provides cloud-basedcollaboration that supports the company’s structure and work style. "If we didn’t use Zoho Projects, our job would be hard. We’d have to use a shared spreadsheet or something to get an overview of all our projects", said Debaere. Now, we open Zoho Projects and in one view, we see all our open projects and their status.

Philip Debaere, Managing Partner, Cloudcamper

We've been following Zoho for a long time," said Patel. So using Zoho Projects, an online tool, to help improve our company and improve our project management overall is a huge validation of Zoho and the online philosophy. As a team, we're all using the same tool, and we're all on the same page and on top of our projects.

Nishant Patel, President Eaw Engineering

As a multinational corporation running various different projects simultaneously, we strongly rely on proper planning, communication and reporting tools. Zoho Projects helps our quality assurance to continuously oversee ongoing projects and immediately address upcoming issues on a weekly basis. Smart functionality, continuous updates, integration with other ZOHO tools, generic application interfaces and a sympathetic developer team make ZOHO Projects our first choice cloud computing project management tool.

Julian Weber, B.A. HSG, Managing Director, Secure Link Services Ltd

We have used their product for many years. I would say our productivity increased dramatically with our migration to Google Apps and use of Zoho Projects. It is now possible for our teams and clients scattered around the world to work seamlessly. It is possible to convert a Google email to a Zoho project task with just a click of a button. I think it is a fantastic time saving, productivity improving feature. Great job. One more thing - they are very responsive to our suggestions for new features or enhancements.

Sudheer Marisetti, President, Abacus Concepts Inc (USA)

Zoho Projects is incredibly powerful and because of it we no longer use emails for communication between projects members but rather use the user forums and messaging for constant communication all in one place. It was by far the easiest to use and the best online project management service for our company.

Raymond Gonzalez,, Site Administrator
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