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Automate. Be Productive
Zohos Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution drives sales force performance and profitability by giving you everything you need to sell smarter. By automating your processes, it frees your people to concentrate on creating leads, closing deals and growing your customer relationships. Zoho SFA makes it simple to perform:
- Lead Generation & Qualification
- Pipeline Analysis
- Sales Stage & Probability Analysis
- Competitive Analysis
- Real-Time Forecasting
- Quota Management

Track your Sales Activities
Zoho CRM’s Opportunity Tracking tool gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities. Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging. Dynamic Reports & Dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on.

Know. Now
Be in the know when on a call. Use Zoho CRM’s Business Card View to instantly get a detailed look at all pertinent customer information. No scrolling, no searching. The Notes Section also displays the time and content of past conversations, so you can make each call more personal and productive. The Business Card view in a Record Details page helps you get a quick glance at the important details of the record. Users in an organization may want to look at the details, without having to search for them. For this reason, the business card view can be customized in an organization's CRM account. So, if you have a call with a contact, you do not have to hunt for details like the phone number or the account name. You can have it right there in the business card view.

Marketing Automation
Many small businesses find marketing hard to develop, expensive to manage, and difficult to track. So this critical activity goes largely ignored, resulting in reduced revenue and profitability. Zoho CRM changes all that. Thanks to our Marketing Automation solution, you can now market with unmatched precision, coordination and results.
- Develop targeted marketing campaigns based on customer profile and history
- Execute email campaigns around time-sensitive promotions and opportunities
- Track marketing expenditures in real-time
- Focus and improve the quality of your lead generation

In addition, by integrating your marketing management with Zoho Sales Force Automation, you can easily track responses to identify what’s working, modify your efforts on-the-fly, and dramatically improve your marketing ROI.

Document CRM
Zoho CRM lets you distribute and safely share proposals, competitor comparisons and similar documents to your Sales & Marketing team, right within Zoho CRM. With document library, get easy and quick access to the important marketing collateral within your organization.

Territory Management
Territory Management enables larger companies with a complex sales structure to organize their activities along multiple dimensions. Whether your company organizes sales team based on geography or product lines, Territory Management can handle any customer segmentation. It’s simple. Just map the way your sales teams are set up in Zoho CRM, and set rules to automatically place customers under territories. You can also easily share accounts among territories, identify regions that make profit, plan resource allocation and ultimately exceed sales forecasts, all while offering excellent customer service.

Social CRM
Serve your social customer in a better way. Listen to customer conversations over Social media and engage with them without leaving your CRM account. Follow people and conversations on Twitter and Facebook and instantly convert them into future business prospects. Zoho CRM brings Facebook and Twitter profiles right inside your CRM so that your salespeople can easily connect with prospects and build better customer relationships.

Go Mobile. Take CRM with you
On a plane or at a remote location? Zoho’s Mobile Edition gives you instant access to customer info and sales activity on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Access customer data from your mobile phones and be up-to-date - even in the offline mode.

Zoho CRM for Google Apps
Sync Google emails and other information with Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM works seamlessly with Google Apps, making it easy to collaborate, communicate and share. Whether it's Google Email, Docs, Contacts, Calendar or Tasks, everything’s tightly linked within your CRM account.

Customer Reviews
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With Zoho CRM, we now have complete visibility of our clients and client interactions. We also have an easy way to follow up on the leads we get from our website. Zoho CRM lets us disperse those leads to our team, and we’ve set up some automated processes, alerts and tasks to make sure that we give our customers the best possible service and support.

Kevin Lippert, President JetHub LLC

With Zoho CRM, my clients can invite me in and let me log in to their CRM accounts to help manage them and train them on how to use the CRM, So we’re there from the beginning, helping our clients to set up Zoho CRM, and then we’re actually using Zoho CRM with them as they’re going through training to make sure that they’re developing the system. Because without a system, they’re not going to go very far.

Teddy Anderson, Owner Anderson Sales Advantage

I was with Salesforce before I moved to Zoho CRM, and I found Salesforce to be outrageously expensive for what it was providing, For me, nothing in Salesforce was any more powerful than what I can do with Zoho CRM. But Zoho CRM costs just a fraction of Salesforce – $15 per month vs. $100 per month – so I’m saving over $1,000 per year per user.

John Buerger, CFP™ Professional ALTUS

The interface is very intuitive, I barely had to use the help feature to get it up and running. Their Gmail task gadget is great as I have all the info I need on one screen. I also like the report customization capability. Overall, it is clear Zoho had the small business owner in mind when designing this. The automation of my sales process using this tool has significantly improved the efficiency of my pipeline & sales process management.

Mark Belchetz, CEO, MB Consulting

Although Zoho CRM is free, it offers great value and they also have an invoice component as well. There are some add-ons like Outlook integration, Google Apps integration and email marketing that will cost a few dollars per user, but, it's very reasonably priced for the functionality you get. I think Salesforce is way over-priced and Zoho is going to give you everything you need.

John Joyce, Founder, CEO The Small BizNest

Really like how the logic flows. Also a convenient way to enter into CRM with realistic upgrade paths - job well done, technical & marketing.

Graham B, SwingLab

We use ZOHO CRM and are very happy. The first three users are free and its pretty easy to use. Its very powerful and integrates with Google apps too! We tried sales force but its much more expensive and we don't need everything it has to offer at this time.

Joseph Apfelbaum, CEO Ajax Union Inc

"As a complete novice to CRM software never having worked in a sales environment I had a hard time understanding all the CRM solutions that I tried. Not so with Zoho CRM I found it easy to understand straight out of the box, it did everything that I wanted and more including integration with outlook. Best of all it is free for the first 3 users, I would be very happy to pay for it though just for the ease of use and convenience - the help is good though a little light in places. Overall I am very pleased after becoming very disheartened with other CRM products that I tried."

Lee Edge, BITS Ltd.
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