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  • - Easy installation - In 5 minutes you're done.
  • - Fully customizable for a perfect fit for your site.
  • - Yotpo sends emails automatically to your customers to encourage them to write reviews.
  • - SEO Minisite - Set up a SEO Mini site to leverage your user generated content and drive more traffic from Google.
  • - Full moderation of reviews - publish only the reviews you want to show off.
  • - Reviews are trustworthy - Each review has a badge next to it to show if it came from a verified buyer or not.
  • - Set up coupons to entice your customers to write reviews and share them with their social networks.
  • - Wide range of analytics which help you identify the $ value that Yotpo is bringing you each month.

Customer Reviews
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Great app, like it!

Yotpo is an excellent system for any website that wants to grow by means of social reviews. I like the idea of the social media aspect in that the customers review go right on Facebook for all to see. Once a customer review was posted on my website, I was immediately notified via automatic email by Yotpo. This app works and has helped me to once and for all be done with all the unsolicited spam reviews that I used to get before. Now I get real reviews from real people. Way to go. Thanks Yotpo!!!

Increased my traffic and reviews

In just a few days my I got ~100 reviews, the traffic from Facebook and Twitter increased substantially and the integration was extremely easy. I highly recommend it for every store owner and this is for sure a must have.

Great app, Great Service

I installed the Yotpo app on my site about a week ago, and love it so far! Yotpo reviews are 1) beautiful 2) social - whenever I get a review it automatically posts to my Facebook 3) free All in all, a MUCH better alternative to the built in reviews. I LOVE it.

Excellent Support

App was very easy to install and get working, when I had a question about integrating the app in a different way to the norm then support got back to me within only a matter of hours with step by step instructions to resolve my problem. Thanks Yotpo, so far I am more than happy with the app and the company.

Simply Amazing

I'd heard of Yotpo from an industry e-mail, when I saw that it was available for BigCommerce I figured we should give it a try. I was a bit hesitant since there is no way to import the existing Product reviews..and we had so many that it seemed like a shame to lose them, but *Do it Anyway*! You will not regret it! Within a few days we already had dozens of reviews for the products, their automated e-mail system is so much better than the integrated one on Bc (sorry guys) because for some reason people really respond to it. They've left us honest, helpful feedback that has helped us tend to our clients in a much better way. The social feature is a handy bonus, and frankly I am completely amazed at how exceedingly well Yotpo has performed as a Review management and gathering system...and to think that it is Free, well we could not be more pleased! We're fans... and if the Bigcommerce app store used Yotpo, this review would already be posting to BigCommerce's Facebook Fan page ;-)

Awesome App

This app rules, easy integration with the store and plenty of customization that gives the extension the look and feel of your site. Works seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter with the option to either manually moderate your reviews and post to Facebook, or set the app to automatically post all reviews. The only disadvantage is Bigcommerce's inability to export existing reviews and allow customers to see these as testimonials. However, going forward it gives your customers a professional looking window where they can view reviews of your site and your products. Support is great too, quick response times and very helpful. Would highly recommend this to another store owner, 5 stars!! Thanks Yotpo!

Very powerful app

Yotpo is the best app I have ever used for generating reviews. It took me literally 8 minutes to install and was easy to customize to match my store. In the first 2 weeks I had over 30 reviews and started to see traffic from Facebook thanks to the shares of the reviews to my page. Some of my customers have even told me that it was thanks to some of the positive reviews on my site that they made purchases. Thanks Yotpo, you guys are amazing.

Great results

A week since installing it and we have 63 reviews and counting, which is a vast improvement over the rate we were getting with BC's native system. Top notch execution. Biggest disadvantage is that you can't import existing reviews in from Bigcommerce (because BC hasn't made the reviews a reportable table.) Currently this system is free for small guys like me, but I think when they finally monetize it you'll be stuck paying a monthly fee.

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