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Create Customized Documents
Upload your own "fillable" PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or use our builder to create a template for your data. WebMerge will merge your data into the template and create customized documents.

Import Your Own Data
Upload your own spreadsheet data and WebMerge will automatically merge the data and create your documents. Great for automating your manual processes.

Integrate with Popular Services
WebMerge accepts data feeds from any source, and enables integration into the most popular online services.

Invoices, Contracts, and More
Create many different types of documents with variable data including applications, payment invoices, event tickets, confirmation letters, and more.

Customer Reviews
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"The best feature is that I don't have to think about it. - As a SaaS solution for New and Pre-owned Auto dealerships we needed to get large numbers of uniquely formatted PDFs with custom backgrounds created for an extensive group of dealerships all over the country and in South Africa”


"WebMerge is a lifesaver! Our organization had some very comprehensive PDF forms that needed to be pre-populated and emailed to our staff in three different counties. The WebMerge service works flawlessly behind the scenes to provide this vital service by integrating with our online webform - and we didn't have to write a single line of code”


"WebMerge is the missing link - Webmerge is the missing link to electronic records generation and document control. By forwarding data captured in Easy Forms, Webmerge is able to automate even the most complicated formatting and distribution options, allowing us to deliver real business solutions to our clients by streamlining workflows and eliminating the requirement for paper based records”

Easy Forms

"Before we discovered Webmerge, we had to rely on bulky and technologically confusing methods for merging our web form information into an actual document. The beauty of Webmerge is that, once we've set up our document shell, we never have to worry about making sure it works, and we haven't missed anything. And since it integrates seamlessly with our systems, the process is even easier.”

Chris T.
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