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The Messages Tab
Shows you all of the mentions of your business across social media including tweets, Facebook posts, comments and even private messages… all rolled into one scroll feed. This is customizable to display only the types of feeds messages and messages you want it to show. You’ll also be able to monitor what they call  “Brand Keywords”. You’ll also have the ability to assign certain tasks to your team members through this area.

Furthermore you can view tweets you’ve sent, and Facebook updates you’ve made. One big thing is that you’ll be able to keep an eye on “Web Alerts”, which are similar to Google Alerts. This keeps you well in the know about what’s being said about your business.

The Feeds Tab
This tab allows you to respond to your tweets right then and there, without having to log into Twitter to do so. In this area you’ll see your Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. You can also monitor your Google Reader account from this same area. It makes it much easier to see everything that’s going on, without having to log into a ton of different accounts.

The Scheduler Tab
This tab will take you to the area where you can create and schedule Facebook, Twitter, and your LinkedIn status updates utilizing Sprout Social’s editorial calendar layout. Within this area you’ll also be able to connect an RSS feed which will automatically shoot out your social media updates. This feature saves you loads of time jumping from one social media account to another. It will allow you to browse the internet while adding various blogs and web pages to your scheduling line up.

The Discovery Tab
Discovery helps you to carefully select your followers. It will give you suggestions on who to follow based on interactions you’ve had, or even who not to follow or continue following because of inactivity. Using the “Smart Search” you can quickly search for people to follow based on keywords or key-phrases that your customers might be talking about or focused on.

The Reports Tab
You get to see exactly what the word out on the street (a.k.a. ‘the internet’) is regarding your business. Sprout Social displays all the info you want to see beautifully with graphs, charts, etc. Very simple and easy to read at a glance, and gives you a clear idea of where you are, and more importantly where you want to be. Perhaps that’s why huge businesses such as McDonald’s, Fender, Adobe, and even the President of the United State’s 2012 campaign uses Sprout Social.

Social Media Management Tool for Businesses

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Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sprout Social.

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Great tools, awesome customer service and the pricing is amazing for the value you receive! I highly recommend! 

Highwinds, Dustin DeTorres | Social Media Manager

By far the best option we found for managing and analyzing performance of over 50 Twitter accounts for our states. 

2012, Brad Schench| Digital Training Director

Huge fan. I've used many apps before but Sprout has some of the best reporting for teams using social media I have found. 

Inside View, Koka Sexton | Director of Social Media Strategy

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