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Go paperless with accurate, verified data
All of your documents undergo our signature high accuracy scanning, OCR and human data verification process. They are then categorized and organized before being posted to your online account. You get the results without the work!

Automated tax preparation and protection
Never stress out at tax time again knowing your receipt data is organized and ready for export and you have receipt images in case of an audit.

Effortless expense reporting
Generate and send expense reports with receipt images right from your computer or mobile device.

Painless contact management
Your business cards are quickly transformed into digital contact lists exportable to CRM and email marketing tools as well as to your personal address book.

Customer Reviews
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“I submit receipts anytime, from anywhere, and they all flow right into Shoeboxed. It’s an unbelievably streamlined, hassle-free process. I couldn't go back to managing my finances without it”

Lynn Platow ·

“If it wasn’t for companies like Shoeboxed our original idea and business would have crumbled into an unorganized void of obscurity and dysfunction many years ago”.

Russell Eggleston, Magazine Publisher —

“What Netflix has done for the red envelope, Shoeboxed has done for the blue envelope. Just a glimpse of Shoeboxed’s blue envelope gets me excited!”

Nita Apple, Professional Organizer —

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