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Tracking is done in real time so you’ll know the moment a banner is clicked, a sale is made and a commission generated.

Use Tags to segment and group affiliates. Easily track the trends of specific affiliate groups, deliver target content and setup rule based commissions.

The Clickstream Reports allows you to view recent clicks that a consumer made prior to the purchase. Rule base commissions can be set-up using the timestamp date in this report.

Use the API to retrieve reporting data on an automated basis, update creatives, void/edit transactions, and more.

Have multiple sites? Use ‘Stores Connect’ to run everything under one account while still having separate commissions, creatives and reports by store.

Pull a number of different reports, search for new merchants, query for product links, and much more with the Affiliate API.

Create custom license plate links with social media features and deep link directly to products.

Support teams provide educated advice on any of the following Affiliate Program management tasks:
- Structuring and implementing recruiting and activation campaigns
- Seasonal, promotional and dynamic ad banners
- Developing Affiliate tools (datafeeds, videos, widgets, etc.)
- Crafting and distributing Affiliate communication

Customer Reviews
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ShareASale’s Brian Littleton is literally a legend in the industry. His business practices and innovations raise the bar for all Affiliate Networks.

Missy Ward & Shawn Collins, Founders, Affiliate Summit

An ethical service-driven network that cares about both affiliates and merchants, working with ShareASale is a joy! Incremental revenue, at a lower cost, we recouped our investment within 2 weeks.

Kush, VM Innovations

ShareASale is growing their market share for one simple reason – Great People.

Tim Storm, Founder,

One of the best affiliate program for online merchants - If you are small or medium sized online retailer, shareasale is probably your best bet for an affiliate program. Its fees are modest, its customer service is good, and its website is easy to use. ShareAsale is really a service driven company instead of a sales driven company. I would highly recommend it to any online merchant.

Sharasale is great for affiliate marketers as well. I get regular paychecks from them and have been very impressed.

In my humble and maybe limited opinion Share-A-Sale is one of the best Affiliate Networks on the internet. ShareASale is the only network I’ve come across that has it all. Prompt payment as long as you reach the payment threshold, great tracking and reporting. Great support, regular webinars that expand on different “functionalities” etc. I would recommend ShareASale to anyone, newbie and guru alike.

ShareASale is, without question, the best affiliate network! With over 3000 merchants to promote, your niche selection is only limited by your imagination. From an affiliate standpoint the entire team is easily accessible and willing to lend a hand. The network interface may take a little getting used to but they have great features like merchant auto approve, free datafeeds, coupon feeds, make-a-page, widgets, pay-per-call. They take pride in being an adware/parasite free network and have tons of options for reporting and stats too. I have found the tracking to be spot on and actually love that stats update in REAL-TIME! The support is first class! Brian and the crew are always looking to improve SAS by reaching out to merchants and affiliates alike to make the network better. For Merchants I believe they offer one of the most cost effective affiliate solutions around, if you are a merchant I would HIGHLY recommend SAS.

As an affiliate marketer on ShareaSale there are many things I like about their system. My favorite has to be the interface. It’s easy to navigate and for me personally anything else more technical would be frustrating and a waste of resources well spent elsewhere such as promoting more merchants and affiliate marketing education. The customer service is stellar, at any point someone has a question merchants and the ShareaSale staff are just a click away – rare and very much appreciated in this day and age. If I could make a couple of wishes it would be to have payout via my PayPal account and an easier way to identify merchants that are no longer participating in the program. I’m hanging in there and recommend ShareaSale without hesitation. is the most ethical, professional, and trustworthy affiliate network in the industry. Many of their merchants are small, inexperienced merchants with very little potential, but they have some real gems as well. Their PowerRank rating is an easy way to find some of the best merchants. I’ve been to all three ShareASale Think Tank conventions, and Brian and his team have proven time and time again that they are dedicated to making affiliate marketing a level playing field. In every decision they make, they consider the small affiliates and small merchants. They are extremely agile, as evidenced by their “Month of the Interface” where they introduced a new feature to their site every weekday for a month. I highly recommend ShareASale for both merchants and affiliates.

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