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Simple Accounting

Stay on top of finances quickly and easily.
With Sage One, seeing the big picture is just a couple of keystrokes away. Quickly record your income and expenses into customizable account lists, then you’ll be able to easily generate reports—P&L, balance sheets, aged invoices—whatever you need. After that, it’s automatic; recurring transactions are matched and categorized, and payments that flow into your account can be applied against invoices you’ve created.

Bank Integration

Easily connect your bank account and credit cards in Sage One. Know where money is coming in and going all the time—in less time. Sage One integrates with more than 10,000 banks.

Business Dashboard

View your finances at-a-glance. The business dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of key activities from a single page. Quickly see what your team is up to and which areas need immediate attention.

Quick Reports

Simple, automated reports make life easier. Generate profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and aged invoice listings with the click of a button.

Painless Invoicing
- Easily customize and brand your invoices
- Merge billable time into your invoices
- Track pending, sent, and overdue invoices
- Send email reminders on overdue invoices
- Accept online payments through Sage Payment Solutions or PayPal

Online payment
When it's easy to pay, you get paid faster. Your clients can easily pay invoices online through Sage One’s integrated credit card service or PayPal™. Give your customers a convenient way to pay you. Accept online credit card payments for a low, flat-rate fee with Sage Payment Solutions.

Alerts & Reminders
No more worrying about invoices piling up or late payments slipping through the cracks. Sage One can alert you when a customer is late making a payment, and with a few simple clicks you can resend the invoice. You’ll always know what’s been paid, what’s still outstanding, and what’s overdue.

Include Your Whole Team
Sage One allows unlimited users. Invite and work with as many people as you need at no extra cost.

Project & Task Tracking
Designate a dedicated workspace for projects and tasks. Create, review and track team activities so nothing is overlooked. Email reminders and activity logs make it easy to keep others in the loop, no matter where they are.

Time Tracking
Review due dates, estimate and monitor time spent on projects to stay on track. Billable time from completed tasks flows into invoices, making the invoicing process quick and painless.

Share Files
Sharing and collaborating is easier than ever. Invite anyone to work with you, assign tasks, share ideas, files, status updates, and feedback. They don’t even need an account to view and comment on files.

Invite your Accountant and Save Time

Maximize your time and eliminate the headaches by sharing information in real-time. Invite your accountant to connect with you in the cloud using Sage One. Sage One lets you easily work as ONE with your accountant or bookkeeper.

Customer Reviews
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“Fantastic, time saving product for new businesses”

“I can highly recommend this package to any one who wants to invest their time in making money in business rather than accounting for it! I have used Sage One for nearly twelve months and have saved so much time on administration I am free to look at other business aspects. Sage offer first class support which I have had very little need for as the program is so user friendly. Ideal for anyone trying to juggle their day as a small business owner.”

“A great product from Sage, aimed at small business owners, and well-designed for its purpose. It's cloud-based, so data is more secure, and very accessible. The software is very easy to use, no great accounts experience is assumed, and the interface is user-friendly. There's also a 24hr, 7 days a week helpline. An ideal accounts package for small businesses and start-ups”

“What a brilliant accounts package and an amazing offer”

"Sage One Accounts has given my company a really up to date image and allows us to see how the business is doing with accurate reports at the press of a few keys."

“We have found SAGE ONE a very easy and intuitive Accounting Package, Ideal for SME Business's. The help and support we have received have been second to none. We would highly recommend SAGE ONE with no hesitation”

“If you are in need of a 'good' accountancy software package then this may well prove to be the solution. It's a great accountancy package that is straight-forward enough to get on with from day one. Easy to install and hassle free. This is aimed at the small business that is looking for a straight-forward software solution and to know where there business is at. Recommended.”

“Sageone is a more powerful online accounting software, I can logon using my BlackBerry smartphone or my iPad and view/share the performance of my businesses over a specified period in time. For a first time user to business and accounting, its a definate yes. For professionals that already knows the ins and outs or business and accounting its also perfect, thanks mainly to the fact you are no longer glued to your office desk, and to top it off, VAT returns are completed in 5 clicks (90 seconds), Now i look forward to doing the VAT returns every 90 days, thanks to simplicity”

“Sage One accounting software is Sage's latest offering via the cloud and has been specifically designed for its purpose - an introductory accounts package for the small business owner. When you are on the cloud it decreases your risk of data loss. Your data is secure and backed up and you can access it from any computer and you'll wonder why you didn't make the move sooner. No more backup headaches that's for sure!”

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