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Site Auditor: Onsite, technical SEO analysis
Keyword Ranking: Ranking reports with Google and Bing data
Link Manager: Link management and monitoring
Site Finder: Keyword-based link research
Backlink Explorer: Website and page quality research
Website Directory: Centralized data storage for any website
Google Webmaster: Tools Data and messages about keywords and visibility

Social Stream: One-stop social media management
Social Monitor: Brand or industry monitoring
Facebook: Focused Facebook Page/profile management
Twitter: Focused Twitter account management
LinkedIn: Focused LinkedIn profile, company and group management
YouTube: Focused YouTube channel monitoring

Content Manager: Content management and SEO analysis
Blog Manager: WordPress blog integration management
Order Content: Copywriting services via Textbroker

Google AdWords: AdWords campaign management
Google AdWords Insights: AdWords campaign troubleshooting

Email Metrics: Data from five popular email service providers
SEO Metrics: KPI data from Google Analytics pre-filtered for SEO needs
Social Metrics: KPI data from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
AdWords Metrics: Campaign data from Google AdWords
Report Wizard: Drag-and-drop scheduled report building

Google Analytics: Website analytics data
Research: Central Keyword and website research
Site Performance: Website and competitive analysis
Keyword Manager: Keyword tracking and storage
Competitor Manager: Competitor tracking and storage

Customer Reviews
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"Raven automates time-consuming (but necessary) tasks so that we can spend more time helping our clients reach their profit goals.”

Liqui-Site Designs, Marketing Agency

“Raven is an amazing one-stop tool to get the most complete picture I have ever found for search engine marketing. I was going mad jumping from tool to tool.”

Double AA Roofing, In-House Marketing

“Raven takes tons of information — reports, stats and data — and compresses it into one easy-to-understand format. We can show our clients exactly the impact that we’re having.”

Maple North, Marketing Agency

“When you work in an agency and wear different hats for different clients, having one tool with all the information you need in one place is extremely efficient.”

Parthenon Publishing, Marketing Agency

“It’s important for us to help potential clients understand where improvements can be made. Raven’s Site Auditor is great as it shows our prospect what’s wrong extremely simply.”

Webtise, Marketing Agency

“It was a no brainer to make the switch. From SEO to social to PPC (and more), Raven really covers all of the bases when it comes to online marketing.”

SafeAuto, In-House Marketing

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