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Writing your business plan just got easier
With the right tools, anyone can produce a professional business plan. Business Plan Pro is packed with the features and advice you need to forget your fears and write your plan with the confidence of an expert. And get expert results!
- 500+ sample plans
- Let the software do the math
- A planning expert at your side

Even the financials are easy
Don't fear the financial section of your business plan - you don't need an MBA to get it right. Business Plan Pro makes financial forecasts easy, with built-in formulas in all the spreadsheets and expert advice every step of the way.
- No errors. Guaranteed.
- Simplified forecasting
- Real-world financial data
- Import from Excel
- Import from your other accounting software

Create impressive plans that get results
Business plans shouldn't all look alike. Every business is unique, and every business plan should be too. Make yours stand out from the rest with custom charts and graphs and easy PowerPoint presentations. Whether you're presenting to your boss or to a lender, be sure you wow your audience with a great looking plan.
- A presentation-ready plan
- Customize every page
- Automatic charts and graphs

Funding tools to impress investors
If you're showing your business plan to bankers, investors, or other lenders, you better make sure it's got all the information they're going to need to make a decision. Business Plan Pro is packed with tools to make sure your plan is complete and accurate, and even includes a database to help you find venture capital!
- Matches the format preferred by banks, investors, and SBA lenders
- Real-world financial data
- The numbers investors want to see
- Research your funding options

Plan for better business management
Whether you're just starting up a business or have been running one for years, you know the connection between good management and success can't be ignored. Measuring how your business is doing against your business plan is the best way to make sure you're on track or to make quick course corrections when you're not. And it's easy with the special features built into Business Plan Pro Premier.
- Your plan as a management tool
- Follow up with plan versus actual comparison
- Visually track your cash flow
- Keep ahead of the competition
- The reports you need
- Easy multi-year planning

Everything you need for a winning plan
When you buy Business Plan Pro, you're not just getting the best-selling business plan software available. You're also getting tons of extra value from our partners who offer tools and services every business needs.
- Free industry data included
- Free bonus software
- Answers to your legal questions
- One-year magazine subscription (12 issues, valued at $10) to Inc.
- Learn from an expert while you plan

Customer Reviews
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"We used Palo Alto Software to formulate our business plan and raise capital from investors.”

"Business Plan Pro provided an excellent roadmap to allow us to think critically about the business.”

"Your software has helped us convert the simple idea of helping foreign students experience something better to a full blown multi faceted international business. Every stage and expansion is only possible with a plan and the software is our secret weapon.”

"Business planning is an important tool in helping my clients to succeed. Business Plan Pro has provided me with an easy to use tool and structure for helping clients to develop and update their business plans.”

"I used Business Plan Pro to build my business plan, and identify the markets I wanted to target. As a small business I needed to be very focused on where I wanted to be,”

"Business Plan Pro helped me figure out each stage of my business, and forced me to crawl when I wanted to run. The website and business are much better because of the attention to detail that the Palo Alto Software helped me to realize.”

“I love your BP software. It took me 6 months to complete my business plan, but it probably would've taken longer without your exceptional software tool.”

"Business Plan Pro... allowed us to take a closer look at some key factors in our business start up which were not necessarily looked at before.”

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