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Set-up is Easy
The Olark Chat console makes connecting with your customer as easy as launching a browser! You’ll see who is on your site, including location, what they’re looking at on your site, where they’ve been and time on site. Set the number of chats you want to receive and get notified when new chats come in.

Talk to only the customers you want
Worried about getting too many chats or want to make sure you reach exactly the right visitors? Targeted Chat lets you set rules to interact only with customers who go to a specific page or perform specific behaviors (stop cart abandonment!). It can also allow you to offer VIP support to premium customers.

Customize your design
Olark can match your design perfectly with customization features. Choose from different themes or customize everything with optional custom CSS. You can also choose to show a click-to-chat image instead of the pop-up widget. It’s all up to you.

Control who takes the chat
Are some of your visitors looking for support and others wanting your sales team? Olark Groups allows you to direct chats to the right person for the job.

Help customers in their own browser window.
End the confusion by showing not telling. Olark Cobrowsing lets you see what’s on the customer’s screen and even control their browser, all without any extra downloads.

Gain sophisticated insights
Olark provides powerful reports to help you understand the impact of your chats. Along with an integration with Google Analytics, you can learn about customer and operator behavior and how to improve your business overall.