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Leverage social media monitoring to gain real-time insight into what drives your target audience. Identify and engage with potential business prospects and connect with thought leaders.
  • - Track Twitter favourites, mentions, lists and keywords
  • - Receive and reply to comments on any of your posts
  • - Monitor LinkedIn Groups and Company pages
  • - Like Facebook and LinkedIn posts
  • - Get content recommendations based on engagement

Intelligently manage your social media marketing calendar to maximize your brand's online visibility. Expand your reach by publishing to multiple social networks, profiles and groups, and deliver customized content to the target audiences who matter most.
  • - Publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
  • - Create social campaigns that match your marketing goals
  • - Quickly schedule posts to multiple profiles, company pages and groups
  • - Save time with automatic link shortening
  • - Customize link preview text and thumbnails
  • - Attach images and photos from your device
  • - Drag and drop calendar rescheduling
  • - Geo-target posts on LinkedIn Company Pages
  • - Customize UTM parameters

See how social media impacts your sales funnel with our social analytics. Track conversions generated from social media activities and easily identify which channels and messaging drive results for your business.
  • - Track clicks, conversions, comments and likes
  • - View analytics per profile, message or campaign
  • - Export data to any format, including Excel, PDF or CSV
  • - Capture and save information for any social lead

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Best of the Best

 The best tool I've found for my company's social media marketing. A+. 

Social media management tools that B2B marketers are looking for

Oktopost is superior to its competitors, in part because the social media tools it provides align so closely with what B2B marketers are looking for. When marketers utilize Oktopost’s social media marketing platform, they don’t have to guess whether their campaigns are working or estimate the value of their efforts. Oktopost provides its users with quantifiable data that they can use to justify their programs. The platform’s auto-posting and advanced message scheduling features help marketers save time, while the advanced analytics and straightforward interface make it incredibly easy for new users to get started. 


I've been using the application primarily to distribute content to dozens of groups simultaneously on LinkedIn. Oktopost is a fantastic solution for achieving this. I recommend the product for social media managers who are looking to increase efficiency and receive real-time analytics on the posts. Oktopost is nicely designed and has excellent customer service, it's a solution worth considering for your social media manager's workflow. 

Perfect App

The most useful marketing App I have seen this year! 

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