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2,655 video courses
Find what you need in our growing library. New courses added weekly.

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The playlists feature lets you create and manage a list of courses you want to watch, and bookmarks tag specific videos for reference.

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Instructors are respected professionals in their fields, and passionate about sharing their expertise.

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Compelling videos use screenshots, narration, live action, smart boards, charts, graphics, and audio.

Inspiring documentaries’
Creative Inspirations’ series goes behind the scenes with creative professionals and industry veterans to show how extraordinary products, ventures, and careers come to be.

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Read along with closed-captioned transcripts—or search the text to quickly find information within a course.

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Earn certificates of completion for each course viewed, and show coworkers, friends, and potential employers what you’ve accomplished.

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Google AdWords Essential Training
Google Analytics Essential Training 2
Management Tips
Marketing Tips
Up and Running with LinkedIn
Small Business Secrets
Accounting Fundamentals
Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips
Up and Running with Twitter
Pay-Per-Click Fundamentals

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I love to read but @lynda just taught me in 4 hours what it would have taken me 4 months to learn!

4 months of learning in 4 hours

Take the @lynda course on ‘Marketing with Twitter’. It can turn your tweets into resume enhancers

Turn tweets into resumé boosters

@lynda tutorials R awesome. It’s like YouTube on steroids! You couldn’t be in a better audience. I learn so much! Thanks!!

Like YouTube on steroids!

Building an integrated online marketing plan this morning with @lynda

Building marketing plan with lynda

Seriously, as a developer, is one of the best resources I’ve ever come across. Absolutely 100% worth it.

Among best resources for developers

For anyone with learning addictions, is probably one of the best investments I've ever made.

Learning addict? Best investment

Just signed up for @lynda. If anyone needs me, send a search party, I'll be busy for months learning new stuff!

Send a search party for me
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