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Quickly respond to your customers and handle several chats at once using the chat improvements.

Keep the communication going and handle cases via tickets.

Easy access to your previous communication with visitors.

Fine-tune the look of your live chat and develop your brand awareness.

Social Media
Useful social media integrations will help you grow and nurture your social media presence and follower base.

Encourage your online visitors to start a chat with you through a personalized chat greeting or a custom chat button.

Statistics that show you how helpful your live chat is.

Data gathered by LiveChat is available in easy to read statistics and graphs.

Mobile-capable chat window and applications will keep you in touch with clients at all times.

Measure how well your live chat is doing in terms of business and earned revenue.

Know who you are chatting with and recognize your visitors by name using our monitoring options.

Customer Reviews
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"Our focus has always been our clients and Livechat helps us keep our focus on them."

Active Campaign

"Live chat has allowed us to connect with hundreds of additional potential clients each week."

"We now handle 70% of our tickets in under two hours, which is an improvement from 40% before LiveChat."


"Our customers are often shocked at how easy LiveChat is to use and are thrilled that all questions can be answered almost instantaneously."

Warby Parker

"We find that LiveChat is relatively inexpensive considering what is included in our package.”

Bank of AF

“LiveChat was easy to deploy and manage with very little issue on the user end.”

BBB Boston

"Implementing LiveChat into our own software has been a roaring success. We didn’t expect to get such great feedback from our clients.”


“We’ve tried two other live chats and LiveChat is the easiest. Their customer service is better than anyone’s we’ve seen.”


“So far we are very happy with LiveChat and will continue to use it and expand our implementation. It’s imperative to our operation and growth.”

WebNet Hosting

“LiveChat is often our main contact point with customers, and it’s been working out great for us.”

Media Temple
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