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Send online invoices to any of your contacts, and track payments when you receive them. You can also set up invoices to reoccur whenever you need, and you can even accept payments for invoices via Paypal. You can customize your invoices with the powerful template engine as well.

Start with one of the templates, and edit them to create custom business proposals. These proposals are logged and attached as sales notes to contacts, and you can easily turn proposals into invoices that are ready to send out to clients.

Mileage covered on a business trip counts as a business expense, so Less Accounting has added a neat little feature that allows you to log your trips and mileage. Now you'll never again miss out on an easy opportunity to save a little more when tax season rolls around.

More than just a simple address book, the contact management features give you a robust CRM to keep track of all your clients and contacts. You can import your address book from Highrise, Basecamp, Gmail, and other web apps.

With the reporting tools you can see where all of your money is going to and coming from. Create custom reports and filter them by date, client, tags, and more. You can also keep track of your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll with our reports.

Import Data
Less Accounting integrates with thousands of domestic US banks and a few hundred international banks. Less Accounting also has a Quickbooks importer and the ability to upload QIF and QFX files.

Invoicing and Expense Tracking:
  • - Record business expenses
  • - Categorize expenses
  • - Send invoices and get paid
  • - Expenses by project
  • - Expenses by income type
  • - Expenses by category
  • - Reminders of due expenses
  • - See who owes you money

Customer Reviews
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"I’m extremely impressed with LessAccounting and I can see that it would work wonders for many types of business, no matter what they do. … The sheer range of features yet simplistic interface make this one of the best web-based accounting systems out there for small businesses and who knows, it might even make accounting fun!”

"Less Accounting is an excellent application for budding freelancers and home based business owners. The user-friendly design gives beginners the necessary tools to effectively manage the core financial aspects of their business. Valuable reports divided into categories such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general accounting produce the records required for reference during tax season. "

"LessAccounting is one of the best Web-based business accounting packages that I’ve had the pleasure to use, and the first and only Web-based accounting and invoicing application that I’d consider as an alternative to the desktop accounting app I’ve used for the past five years. Why? LessAccounting is the only Web-based application that offers a complete set of accounting tools and the basic set of features necessary to run a small business.”

"We believe business software should easy. It should get out of your way, allowing you to get back to work and make money. Being a business owner is hard enough without having your software make it harder.”

"This online application does much more than just creating invoices, though. It tracks suppliers and expenses, such as mileage, and from that information you can create reports, from outstanding creditors and debtors to a full profit and loss account. Any online accounting application means you don't have full control of your data, but at least reports can be exported to Excel-readable CSV format."

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