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Set up operators
Create operator accounts and user groups to effectively manage your support tickets. User groups can be based on permissions to perform various operations with tickets, such as editing, deleting, assigning and much more.

Manage Tickets
Classify your tickets according to their status, assignee or whatever you like. Use default folders or create your own. This makes it easier for you to track the tickets and organize you work in the most productive way. Each operator can have his own set of folders, which are most helpful for him, or the settings can be shared with other operators.

Avoid duplication
For support departments it is important that the work is not duplicated. Make sure that two people are not responding to the same ticket simultaneously. With HelpOnClick help desk you can easily spot the tickets that are being currently viewed and responded. Additionally you can see live drafts of what another operator is typing which is extremely useful when you are training new agents.

Provide accounts to your customers
Your customers can have their account with your HelpOnClick help desk to easily manage their support requests. Customers can search, sort and filter their tickets to see previous replies and manage all their communication. With an account in your help desk your customers will not lose your replies as it sometimes happens in a mailbox, all the history will be carefully saved for them.

See your operators’ performance
Measurable results are key for a successful business. The more facts you know about your service level, the further you can improve it. HelpOnClick help desk provides a wide range of statistics on department activity, status reports, operator reports, company and public user reports, and much more. These reports allow you to improve your service workflow.

Customer Reviews
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HelpOnClick's Chat app has allowed us to easily handle customer questions. We've reduced call volumes and increased customer service.

I think that there is a huge advantage to allowing customers to be able to chat you up right on the spot. I know that as a consumer, it can totally make or break a sale if I have a question that can be answered immediately.

Ever since installing HelpOnClick on our site, I have become confident that customers and potential customers will find the answers they are looking for, and not leave the site frustrated. From a customer's perspective, it is simple and easy to use! And that is important.

We love this software. It has enabled us to allocate a half dozen employees to take care of our current and potential customers, without them having to call in or submit a ticket. This has really reduced the calls in to our office and I think the employees really do like it better than speaking with people on the phone. This service is instant, and I really think we are gaining sales because of it.

HelpOnClick has been a great addition to our website and enhanced our sales force to deliver better results ensuring we are always contactable via the simplest of routes. Affordable and simple to use, I've been really impressed with the service and will continue to use this long term!

After installing the chat module, we are able to spend more time fixing technical issues and assisting our clients with what they need! Before we started using the chat, we where on the phone with new signups and training calls. After the install, we are able to address multiple issues at one time, so our productivity has gone through the roof and my time has freed up tremendously.

When we saw that we were getting thousands of hits each day on our website, but wondered why more didn't covert to sales, we decided to add HelpOnClick! It was SO easy to install and use! Not ONLY did visitors to our site comment how they LOVE this feature, BUT our sales increased DAILY directly from HelpOnClick!!

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