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- Easy Online Invoicing: Easily create, send & track professional-looking invoices in minutes and get paid faster.
- Send Professional-Looking Invoices In Seconds: Create a snappy new invoice using FreshBooks and have tracking and data entry done for you.
- Know the Moment Your Client Views Your Invoice: FreshBooks will show you if clients have viewed or paid your invoice with an up-to-the-minute status view.
- Make Getting Paid As Easy As Pie: With FreshBooks, you can easily add a way to let clients pay you online by credit card.

Capture Expenses
- Hassle-Free Expense Tracking: Now you can relax knowing that your expenses are secure and organized in FreshBooks. Instantly see how much you're spending, have your expenses automatically imported from your bank or snap a photo of a receipt and log it right from your phone.
- No Expense Left Behind: Automate & Simplify: FreshBooks pulls a daily download of expenses from bank accounts and credit cards to save you hours of manual entry. Each expense is also assigned a tax-friendly category, so even more of the work to stay organized is already done for you.
- Easily Capture & Re-bill Expenses: Toss that shoebox away! Snap a photo of receipts and capture expenses on the go, no matter where you're working. Plus, FreshBooks lets you re-bill quickly by bringing your Expenses straight into an invoice when ready to bill.
- Instantly See Where Your Money Goes: FreshBooks makes it easy to stay on top of the money going out of your business with a customizable Expense Report. Filter by category, vendor, client, project and date range so you can know at a glance how much you're spending and where you're spending it.

Track Your Time
- Effortless Time Tracking: Turn your hours into dollars. Easily track and log your time in FreshBooks to ensure you never miss another billable minute.
- Log Hours As You Work, From Wherever You Are: From your mobile device or desktop, start the FreshBooks timer to run in the background the moment you start working and you’ll capture all your billable hours in one handy calendar format.
- Automatically Turn Hours Into Invoices: No more ball park estimates, FreshBooks prevents you from ever under-billing. When ready to invoice, FreshBooks will automatically bring hours that haven’t been billed into an invoice in a single click. Simply review and send.
- Get a Visual View of Your Progress: At a glance, FreshBooks will show you the status of all active projects to give you an accurate snapshot of your time. You’ll see how much time you’ve spent on a project compared to your estimated time budget.

Know Your Numbers
- Know Your Numbers: Need a quick and easy way to stay on top of your business? FreshBooks makes number-crunching a breeze with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Instantly find out which clients are slow to pay, how much you've earned, how much you're owed and get everything you need to make tax reporting painless.
- Make Late Clients a Thing of the Past: Remove the mystery around who's not paying on time using Accounts Aging or Time to Pay Reports in FreshBooks. Uncover which clients still have outstanding invoices and how long they've been unpaid so you know where to begin your reconciling.
- Make Tax Time Easy: No more tax time scramble, with FreshBooks you'll be ready for effortless reporting. Easily export the most important reports to your accountant, all organized and with the totals already figured out.

Customer Reviews
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Freshbooks is easy to set up and use and allows clients to click and pay effortlessly. I noticed a marked upturn in the speed of invoice payment once I implemented.

Perhaps the best invoicing solution out there. Recurring billing profiles for clients is great is a saves lots of time.

Great free/inexpensive time tracking and accounting tool. It’s a great way to track time and directly invoice clients. Cloud-based, website and mobile app sync seamlessly.

Great For Freelancing. I love the ease of invoices and recurring invoice profiles.

Excellent Small Biz Accounting Software. Great simplicity, automation, ability to track.

An affordable time tracking and invoicing tool. Allows for tracking subcontractors time easily. A huge upgrade from Excel, or any other manual invoicing process that quickly gets out of hand as you add customers.

Freshbooks is the fastest way to invoice clients, track time & run your small business in the cloud.

So SIMPLE to use; huge TIMESAVER. Freshbooks is very easy to accomplish the basics that a small business needs to with invoicing.

Great accounting solution for a growing business. Easy to use, intuitive interface, reliable, relatively low cost, steady stream of new feature additions, hasn't failed me in 2 years.

Make invoicing easy for your small business. Turns invoicing and account into something actually manageable. Love the ability to hook up your Paypal account and give the ability to your users to pay online directly.

It's a great tool for a consulting business that does time and expense, timekeeping, and billing. It's exceptionally simple, and the interface was great with my consulting clients.

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