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A powerful, simple, intuitive survey builder. Easily & quickly create surveys with a drag & drop editor.
The easiest way to build, distribute & analyze online surveys, forms, questionnaires & polls. There’s nothing to download, no coding or programming knowledge required… just open your browser and go. The perfect solution for customer satisfaction, market research, academic research, employee evaluations, and more!

Collect data at every touchpoint.
Multi-mode data collection makes it easy to reach every respondent and maximize response rates. Send out your surveys online through web links, personalized email invitations, social media or website pop-ups, collect data through any mobile device or tablet, gather responses offline, or access targeted respondent panels.

Gain actionable insights from your collected data.
Data speaks volumes, and FluidSurveys makes it easy to extract valuable & actionable insights from your collected responses. Access the raw data, summarize everything with informative charts & graphs, dig deep with powerful filters, export to PDF, CSV, SPSS, and more.

Get Mobilized: Distribute surveys via mobile devices.
In today’s world, all digital channels converge on mobile devices, making it imperative for your survey solution to provide respondents with an engaging experience on any smartphone or tablet. FluidSurveys makes it easy to build, distribute & manage surveys that seamlessly adapt to any mobile device, allowing you to reach every respondent effectively.

Enterprise scale data collection and analysis tools.
Looking for more power & centralized control? FluidSurveys offers an enterprise wide data collection & analysis solution. You can consolidate all data collection to a common platform, maintain administrative control, experience unlimited flexibility & scalability, and deliver targeted, relevant surveys across all channels.

Customer Reviews
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“Not only has FluidSurveys been great for all of our surveys, but it has come in handy in many unforeseen ways. We use it to gauge customer satisfaction, retrieve important information from our customers and keep a record of services that we provide. FluidSurveys is a powerful survey tool and we’re happy campers!”

Josh Fruhman, Head of Deployment, Breadcrumb by Groupon

“I wanted to commend your organization on the stellar job your team provides on a customer service point of view. I was a Help Desk Manager in a previous life and would be proud to represent such a great team. Kudos to you and your team.”

C. Griecken, Forest Products Sector Council

“Your survey system beats every other that I tested in speed, easiness, and quality. FluidSurveys cut hours of work out. It took only minutes to design, and within a few days I had enough survey responses.”

Brad Dalgleish, IT Consultant

“I love your survey software. I’ve used multiple vendors and yours is by far, the easiest. I was able to create my survey in no time.”

Lynn Salatti

“Now that I am using FluidSurveys I couldn’t be happier with the support provided. I absolutely love the many different ways you can export your results…I am very much looking forward to creating more surveys using FluidSurveys.”

Pam Fergusson, Lanark Health and Community Services

“Thank you also for your great responsiveness and for your excellent product and service.”

Jody Wolfe, M.A., University of Alberta

“I was really impressed with the flexibility of the software to meet my needs. I found the interface to be very user-friendly and intuitive. The online tutorials were informative and the odd time I needed additional assistance, I found FluidSurveys support to be very responsive. I will most certainly be a repeat customer.”

J. Lawrence, Principal, Agility Consulting

“I just discovered the new reporting function in Fluid Surveys and had to tell you that I LOVE it. I came in this morning ready to spend about an hour preparing a report from the export that it used to generate in Excel, where I would have to format all the charts and organize the free-form answers and was very pleasantly surprised that it was done for me. Awesome new function.”

Inside Business
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