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Monetize All Your Visual Content – Anywhere, Any Place, Any Device
We make it simple to create, publish, promote & measure interactive content with your images, slide presentations and videos that work on any channel. No need for several softwares or download, you only need one.

Everyone uses slides, and instead of sending a standard presentation where you have to try to choose the right couple of slides, why not send a self-personalizing deck, where your customer can decide the information that’s important to them, and at the same time, they can let you learn more about their needs.

Create personalized interactions with your customers by adding Q&A tailored to the content of the viewer. It’s easy to re-purpose your existing videos, create new ones specifically to deliver a virtual conversation. You can even take Webinars and make them interactive to generate better qualified leads.

Not all DilogR’s projects are visual, sometimes you just want to send out a survey, and for this DilogR has got you covered. With DilogR, you can create surveys, quizzes, polls, and even assessments and distribute them over multiple channels to get quick answers.

Control Where & When Questions Are Displayed on Your Images, Slides and Videos
DilogR enables you to select the exact moment when your questions (survey, poll, quiz) or other interactions appear on a video or slide presentation. You can also choose how long they will appear.

Control Whether Your Questions Are Required to be Answered
DilogR enables you to select whether your questions (survey, poll, quiz) require an answer for the video or slide presentation to continue – and how long it plays without answer.

Add Audio in Your Hotspots on Your Images or Slide Presentation
Add voice notes and background sound to any image or slides. Great for example as part of a promotional campaign for musicians, speakers, authors or even a memorable family photo.

Add Lead Gen forms to Your Content
You can add lead gen form in any part of your video or slide presentation you want. You can use lead gen forms within images.

Automated Webinars including Registration
Create pre-recorded webinars and schedule them to run automatically exactly when you want, 24/7/365. You can add in all the interactive functionality from CTAs to lead gen form plus scheduling webinars to run daily, selected weekdays, specific dates, etc.

Video Branching a.ka. "Choose Your Own Adventure" video
When a viewer responds to a question displayed on the video, they will be sent to different content– for example directed to view a different video clip - based on their answers. Give your viewers what they want and need.

Branding & Customization
The extensive design features for uploading images, videos and downloads allow for a fully-branded design that works for you. DilogR design capabilities enable you to quickly and easily build out a single piece of content to look pixel-perfect on any device. (what parts can you customize)

Analytics & Actionable Insights
Measure how your prospects and customers are interacting with the content and products in real-time with DilogR’s simple-to-use analytics. Understand your customer online behavior and measure brand engagement.


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Customer Reviews
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"We were looking for a tool to set up an online quiz that we could use for lead generation. We required something that made it easy to collect answers and issue an instant report to respondents, based on their score. We also needed to generate reports internally based on different answers, scores and segments, making it super easy and efficient to see stats, to gain insights and create sales collateral based on these! We are not only generating leads but also being able to consult with prospects on their answers and results. We are so happy with both the system and the service we receive from the DilogR team, The team has always gone above and beyond to ensure we are happy and getting the results we require. Awesome team and awesome product!“

"How do you understand exactly what your customers want…? You ask them. In today’s multimedia environment you HAVE to meet your prospects and customers where they are and using DilogR has allowed us to do just that. We’re able to analyze the data in real time to make smart and quick adjustments in how we market as well as support our existing customers. We’ve not only seen an increase in customer satisfaction but it’s added to our bottom line!“

“DilogR is bringing the best practices of live speaking to the world of webinars and online training. Never before have I seen such rich audience engagement, interaction and tracking tools in an online webinar and video streaming platform. Info-Marketers and Corporate Trainers, watch out! DilogR gives you the unfair advantage intoday's competitive marketplace!”

“Great tool for both understanding and engaging both prospects and customers. The customer support is EXTRAORDINARY - on several occasions, they have gone above and beyond to make sure my needs were uniquely met. Highly, highly recommend.”

“A truly innovative solution to all your web survey needs. The more you use this great bit of software, the more you will wonder how you ever managed without it! I've been using the DilogR software on my sites for a while now, and it really is a fantastic way of increasing user interaction and participation on your website. Webmasters - you need this in your life!”

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