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Process orders more efficiently
Use one central hub to manage orders across all of your sales channels – fully integrated with your warehouse and shipping systems so you can ensure orders get to your customers faster.

Stay in control of your inventory
Brightpearl automatically updates inventory levels and reorder statuses across all of your sales channels to reduce stock outs, eliminate double selling and improve your cash flow.

Increase your purchasing power
Generate POs with a single click and see purchase history, prices and margins for all of your suppliers in an instant – to make better buying decisions, lower costs and increase your profits.

Improve customer service
Everyone in your company can access real-time customer information - including order status, history and previous interactions – so you can ensure a personalized and coordinated approach across sales, support, fulfilment and marketing.

Make faster, better business decisions to improve profits and cash flow
Brightpearl has built in accounting which gives you real-time revenue and profit analysis. Our clear, easy-to-access reports show you where you’re making money (and where you aren’t) by SKU, channel and customer.

Minimize admin time and reduce errors
With seamless integration - and real-time automatic syncing - across orders, inventory, customer data and accounting you’ll never need to re-enter information across multiple systems or spreadsheets again.

Access new sales channels for growth
Add new sales channels with the confidence that your core operations are under control – Brightpearl has built-in integrations with Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Customer Reviews
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"The key feature we were looking for with a new system was remote access. Brightpearl is perfect for us in this respect. Having complete visibility of our stock is extremely useful. It is so great that I can be sat at home and still know precisely what we have in our warehouse.”

Jonathan Carswell, Founder -

“Brightpearl without a doubt has contributed to the success of our business, and I would recommend it to any retailer. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, the software adapts to your needs and almost intuitively supports your business as it grows.”

Ruth Ferguson, Designer & Founder – Olga Olsson

“Looking back to before we found Brightpearl, we were virtually in the dark ages. We were writing orders down on paper and keeping them in files so finding customers old orders would take ages. “We have found Brightpearl to be our missing member of staff, giving us the information we need to make decisions and grow. As such we save £15,000 a year on employing an extra person. It makes great business sense for us.”

James Roberts, Director - Sanctuary Bathrooms

"We were inputting data twice and my motto is, if you have to do the same thing twice you’re doing it one time too many! We save around £45,000 a year with Brightpearl. It eliminates missing items from orders, we have less meetings within the business as all the data is already available in one place and the accounts are really easy to use and in real-time. Also the in-depth reports let us make better, more informed decisions throughout the business. Brightpearl is a scalable multichannel retail management tool, specifically designed for ecommerce. I expect to grow SpyCameraCCTV substantially with the help of Brightpearl. I now have the time to concentrate on other areas of the business, like finding new suppliers at lower prices and expanding operations.”

Lee Adams, Founder – SpyCameraCCTV

“It’s never been easier to manage multiple orders and see the most profitable areas of the business. When you first log in to Brightpearl the customizable dashboard gives a great overview of everything in real time - quickly and simply. The ‘at a glance’ reporting is brilliant. You can see what's in stock, assess the value of that stock, understand what's been selling well and highlight what hasn’t been selling so much. The system is very transparent and easy to use and we love how intuitive it is. Brightpearl helps us to buy more effectively and efficiently. We can now spend time finding new lines and niche labels that we know our customers will love, while still managing to keep costs down. The great thing is that everything is in one place and, being cloud-based, we can log in from anywhere and work on the move. With Brightpearl as part our business I’m confident that Austique will continue to grow and we look forward to experiencing that journey together.”

Rachel Morris, Head of Retail - Austique

“Brightpearl is a robust, progressive, one-stop-shop retail management system. It gives me the time back to do the things I love. “I’m not particularly tech savvy but I know I can increase and grow my business substantially online, there are only so many retail shows I can attend. Brightpearl will enable me to grow my business, make my sales process much slicker and still live the life I love. My advice to anyone starting a retail business; make sure you understand your business and your unique selling point and if you can, utilize an integrated all-in-one system like Brightpearl. Brightpearl gives me free time to get on with the side of the business i’m really interested in. My passion is sourcing new materials and designing new belts and buckles. I want to continue to make lovely products which delight my customers, as that’s what I love about my business. Brightpearl lets me do just that.”

Zoe Gibson, Founder - Peachy Belts

"The Brightpearl Connector means our existing e-commerce platforms are synced automatically. It’s saved a lot of inaccuracies and frustrations. Brightpearl has allowed us to become more efficient with order processing and removed a lot of the manual account balancing. We used to have to integrate both our e-commerce sales and wholesale activity in the same system in real-time. In the past, e-commerce reconciliations could take hours each month. The e-commerce connector meant all of our existing e-commerce platforms could be synced automatically with Brightpearl. We’ve also created a supplier system for dealers to use for wholesale ordering and this is also synced with Brightpearl. We can now avoid the inaccuracies that come with phone orders and the time delays of email and fax, there’s no more manual entering of orders. It’s saves us a lot of unreliability and frustrations. Plus, we now get a better “at a glance” picture of the business which shows all of our sales synced into our Brightpearl account. We can see how our business is really doing at a click of a button - and we know it’s accurate. It’s refreshing and reassuring to know that your business in under control. We’re now looking forward to launching our new ‘Dealer support/web portal’ for processing product warranty issues and questions. It makes life so much easier being able to manage our business from Brightpearl - it’s all in one place.”

Kathryn Franco, Founder - Eureka Brands

"As a small business, cashflow is our life. Brightpearl’s reporting functionality lets me keep constant track of who we’ve sold to, who owes us money and makes sure we don’t miss an order. Brightpearl has really helped us to develop our business processes. Being a small business with a small number of people working full-time there are aspects of admin that you just want to forget. Brightpearl gives us this freedom - we can minimise the day-to-day admin associated with sales. "I would say that if we have had to use the customer support then it has been great. They responded to my issue very swiftly and gave me a comprehensive answer to my problem. I would like to spend more time learning about more of Brightpearl’s functionality. I know that we are not using the system to its full potential at the moment. As our business is growing we want to expand our use of the software to find other ways that it could help our business. We are really happy with Brightpearl.”

Garth Austin-Jones, Director - Cocorose
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