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Start by naming your campaign, and choosing a time limit for your audience.  Then, describe what you'd like them to say by populating a question and description.

Use the microsite to capture videos on our site, or the record widget to capture videos on yours. And if you're feeling extra competitive, you can quickly launch a video contest using the contest widget. Voting capabilities? You bet.

Moderate, embed, download and tag the videos you receive for each campaign. Your participants will provide you with their name and email address, so you can always send a notification if you'd like them to re-record their video.

Embed videos individually, or use our Playlist feature. The Playlist allows you to embed a single player which streams the best videos from within your campaign. One-click YouTube and Facebook fan page integrations coming soon.

Easily measure the performance of each campaign. View your campaign's conversion rate, overall video views and submission sources like operating systems, mobile devices and tablets.

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"Bravo has made the process of building solid video campaigns very user-friendly. Their dashboard is clean and simple, the icons are big and self explanatory, and the platform has a very unified set of features so you don’t feel lost going through the steps.”

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