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Manage Your Sales Effectively with Base
Base sales management software gives you the core sales tools and information you need to grow your business.
- Sales Tracking: Gain full visibility into the current opportunities in your sales pipeline.
- Goals and Quotas: Set, track and manage sales goals for sales reps and sales teams.
- Teams and Regions: Manage teams and regions effectively with an easy to use visual interface.

Manage Your Customers with Base
Manage your customers in one robust system, anywhere you go, on the devices you use.
- Contacts and Accounts: Automatically links business and individual contacts to give you the context you need for each sale.
- Customization, Filters and Tags: Customize Base in a way that’s relevant to you and your business.

Lead Tracking in Base
Fully Customizable Lead Tracking Designed to Close More Deals.
- Lead Capture Form: Streamline lead generation on your website with lead capture forms that put leads directly into Base
- Lead and Contact Clipper: Add new Leads and Contacts into Base from LinkedIn and Facebook with one click

Robust Mobile CRM
Complete mobile CRM software you can use without ever sitting at a desk.
- iOS: Stay connected to your Base account on your iPhone or iPad no matter where you go with our free, native apps for iOS.
- Geolocation: Use geolocation in real time to search for prospects and customers that are nearby.

Reports and Analytics
Out of the box visual sales reporting gives you immediate access to the insights you need to run your business.
- Insights Dashboard: Stay organized with your Base insights dashboard and always know what items need your attention.
- Visual Reporting: Use beautiful, visual, dynamic reports to keep tabs on all the sales KPIs you need. Zero setup required.
- Reports for Managers: Get actionable data on your team to spot trends and patterns so you can continuously improve.
- Reports for Users: Get relevant, actionable data using information from the activities logged in Base.
- Sales Forecasting: Skip the number crunching—Base calculates your forecasted sales automatically based on your activity.
- Call Analytics: Optimize your sales team performance with Base built-in visual calling reports.

Customer Reviews
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"We found most of the software out there overly complicated...we wanted something clean, intuitive and well-designed. I think we got all three with Base"

Acceptd Co-Founders Derek Brow

"Highrise fell short, SalesForce just had way too many features and Base crushed it!"

Adam Ceresko, the Co-Founder and CEO of APPEK Apps

"There are thousands of CRM solutions available all over the Internet - all trying to be everything to everyone! My favorite feature of Base is that it requires no customization!"

Musical Functions

"Base strips things down to the basics, and has a great intuitive user interface that makes it a pleasure to work with."

Elliot, the Managing Director, WDL

"Base is growing as a product while we grow as a business. This is valuable because the tool stays nimble and evolves as we need it to."

Dan Ward, the Vice President and Co-Founder of Detroit Labs

"Small business owners do not have tons of time or people. We need things quick and clear. It should reduce time spent on things, rather than add. Base does this exactly."

Kjeld, Founder of Kalon Surf

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