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Configurable to Accomplish Your Q&A Goals
Whether you're looking to support one-on-one Q&A interaction, private collaboration, or a full blown public Q&A community, Answerbase can be configured for any use case to effectively serve your needs. With flexible configuration options and customization settings, you're able to launch Q&A platform that accomplishes your business goals while effectively serving your base of users.

Attracts New Search Engine Traffic
For public sites, having a Q&A platform on your site is an effective way to build relevant content that attracts new visitors to your website via search engines. Each question asked generates a new page on your system that has Search Engine Optimized page titles, URLs, and descriptions. As people with similar issues use search engines to find solutions, your content shows up in the results and bring new visitors to your site who are interested in your content and brand.

Identifies Valuable Content Marketing Topics
Answerbase site owners are able to analyze what Q&A posts are generating the most organic traffic, effectively identifying the demand of specific questions and subject matters that the market has. You are able to analyze that data to help determine what content marketing material is in demand and what you should concentrate on creating more in-depth blog posts about. This process creates a nice content marketing funnel, allowing you to consistently grow organic traffic to your site.

Provides Community Driven Support
You can configure your Answerbase Q&A platform to allow external topic experts to help support others through contributing answers. Adding these community features, whether opened up to a select number of experts or a full open community, allows the best subject-matter experts to provide the most qualified answers. This community driven support presents your visitors the best possible solutions to their inquiries, while saving your company resources in the process.

Customer Reviews
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Fully featured Q&A community tool

"I would venture to say that many businesses would benefit from having a Q&A community on This type of solution works especially well for products and services where customers may need extra help in terms of using the product and understanding the scope. For some services, may it be health-related, real estate, business oriented, technology, law – anything where there are rules and laws that can be confusing — this type of community can very much help answer basic questions. From a marketing POV – a Q&A community can provide a masterful way to stay in touch with customers as well as evangelize people as experts for your product or service. Finally, does a nice job of allowing you to have another outlet for optimizing your site as more people come to your website for advice and answers. "

Answerbase drives significant organic traffic from search engines

"We have experienced an average monthly growth of 32% for new visitors coming from organic traffic via search engines over a period of 12 months. Another more recent launch has experienced an average growth of 19% PER WEEK over an 8 week period."

"Social Q&A has been a great resource for our consumers and business”

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