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Build Campaigns
Manage refer-a-friend, affiliate and partner program campaigns easily. Drill down in campaign specific metrics, top ambassadors and more, all in one place.

Communicate with Ease with custom email templates
Use your own HTML email templates to keep the look and feel of your own brand. Ambassador will do the heavy-lifting and send them out at the appropriate time for you!

Track Referrals
The referral dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of the key performance metrics to analyze the strength of your social referral programs.

Grow your Business
Leverage the power of the social web to influence purchasing decisions. Use Social recommendations to increase sales and conversions.

Measure ROI
Reward Ambassadors for referrals with cash, points, virtual currencies or swag and receive actionable metrics to measure ROI.

Referral Automation
Ambassador will handle payouts & notifications on your behalf. Complete automation. Set up your referral or partner programs and have Ambassador handle the rest! Focus on your core business and leave the time-consuming tasks such as email notifications, payments, and support to Ambassador

Customer Reviews
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"Ambassador has been immensely helpful in Zirtual's ability to leverage our clients voices, and their networks of like-minded, busy professionals, that help curate our outstanding community. We can't thank the team enough for the level of care and support they've provided to us.”

Erik Jensen, Cofounder


"We've been fans of Ambassador since day one. They are paving the way for a much needed innovative way to grow and thank our own ambassadors, aka, our greatest asset.”

Michael Radparvar, Founder

When I Work

"Ambassador makes it easy for our customers to spread the word about 'When I Work', plus get rewarded in the process.. and the customers we acquire through Ambassador have a 300% higher conversion rate than all other channels combined.”

Chad Halvorson, Founder

Send Grid

"Getting our own referral service up and running was a snap using Ambassador. They make it easy for referral partners to sign up and start promoting the SendGrid service.”

Jon Verson, Web Developer

Agora Pulse

"I expected to benefit from a simple, yet efficient way to track referrals. Ambassador exceeded my expectations.”

Emeric Ernoult, Founder
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