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Social Analytics
Rich reporting helps identify influencers, hot products, and more

Sharing Buttons
Smart sharing widgets purpose-built for eCommerce

Social Login
Customers love to register and login with their favorite social networks

Entice your customers to spread your brand with friends

Conversion Saver
Get more emails and shares before your customers abandon

Social Rewards
Increase sharing & decrease shopping cart abandonment with instant rewards.

Smart Retargeting
Use your social data to better retarget your customers with ads.

Facebook Retargeting
Use your social data to better retarget your customers with Facebook ads.

Customer Reviews
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“Their new sharing buttons averaged $4.45 revenue per share (user shares then places an order) and $0.27 revenue per click on average (user clicks on a shared link). The final ROI on the “10% off” social rewards campaign with AddShoppers was 1,535.3%. I’m a really big fan!”

“We had two goals when we started this contest: add emails to our customer email list and increase product sharing. We needed a way to track unique product shares and link those influencers that shared to the contest. Using AddShoppers yielded a 167% growth in social sharing, 213% more clicks, and a 214% growth in influencers. We also saw our orders increase 100%”

“With, retailers will be able to determine who among its customers are sharing the most often and having the highest impact on sales.”

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