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Communication Channels
Better customer service starts with better communication. Zendesk brings all your customer conversations into one place.
  • Email: Keep your email communication organized. Support unlimited email addresses in your Zendesk.
  • Social: Connect your Facebook and Twitter pages with Zendesk, and stay on top of all social conversations
  • Voice: Take customer calls in your Zendesk or route them to your mobile. All calls and voicemails are transcribed into tickets.

The fastest path to better communication
Zendesk streamlines your support with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations. This helps you get straight to what matters most — better customer service and more meaningful conversations.

Create one beautiful destination for all your customer self-service needs
Serve up customer service with an online destination for 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions. With Help Center you can build a knowledge base, community, and customer portal that fits in seamlessly with your brand in a matter of minutes.

Branding & Customizations
Make Zendesk your own….transform your Zendesk to match your brand. With familiar customization tools, you can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.

Reporting & Analytics
Zendesk puts powerful data at your fingertips. Measure your customers' satisfaction and your support team’s performance. You can even measure your entire organization’s performance against others in your industry.

Other Features
  • - Flexible ticket management with automated workflow
  • - Mobile support with native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • - Knowledge base portal and community forums included
  • - Public and private forums
  • - Multi locale (timezone and languages)
  • - Export ticket views to CSV
  • - SSO with Twitter, Facebook, Google and SAML
  • - Pre-built: Salesforce, SugarCRM

Customer Reviews
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“Zendesk is the right balance of proven solution and true partner. We choose vendors that we can partner and scale with.”

Shopify - Richard Hall, Director of Revenue Operations

“The best way we could sustain our growth was by being the voice of the customer. We have a very self service-oriented platform, and we want to make sure our customers are able to use it with ease.”

Adroll- Sam Gurdus, Director of Customer Delight

“We would not have been able to scale support without Zendesk.”

Four Square - Tracey Churray - Director of Customer Delight

“As we grew, our biggest challenge was how do we deal with the size and differing needs of our customers. Zendesk has helped us change and improve faster than we were previously able to.”

We Pay - Sophie Monroe, Director of Customer Operations

“Zendesk has helped our Shared Services team grow to be more efficient, organized, and productive. We really couldn’t have asked for a better tool, especially with the custom analytics through Zendesk Insights. Honestly, if it weren’t for Zendesk, it would take us a lot more time and effort to get through the tasks we have”

UTI - Noal Robinson, Shared Services Manager
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