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Easy to Use and Scalable
- Secured 100% web-based application
- Simple, easy-to-use interface
- Self-served for managers and employees
- Scalable for companies of all sizes
- Use the Account Setup Checklist to guide you through your setup

Automatic Accruals
- Users can accrue balance by day, week, every month, semi-monthly or every two weeks
- Automatic accruals on any employee time-off types
- Set accruals to run indefinitely, until a certain date, or until a max allowance is reached
- Use Length of Service Accruals to allocate extra time-off to employees after certain amount of month of services

Useful Reporting
- Print or export reports to PDF and CSV for easy sharing
- Generate reports by day, month, year, filtered by users, departments, time-off types
- View time-off balances, time-off requests and employee details
- Valuable report data for various departments
- Information can be exported to multiple formats for further analysis
- Daily XML data export via HTTP call

Online Simplicity
- Submit time-off requests online
- Approve, reject or cancel time-off requests online
- Automatic e-mail notifications of leave requests, approvals, and rejections
- Approve, reject or cancel time-off requests directly in emails!

Eliminate Errors and Employee Abuses
- Audit trails of all approved, cancelled and rejected time-off are taken
- Audit trails of every employee time-off bank are taken
- Employee cannot request more time than what they are allocated
- Eliminate paper timesheets and other error-prone manual processes

Banked/Comp Time
- Employees can request to have additional time added to their balance
- Approved banked time can be transfered to any employee's custom time off type balance
- Upon approval, banked time can be multiplied by a factor (e.g. Overtime is paid time and a half)

Highly Flexible and Configurable
- Add custom employee categories (i.e., departments, projects)
- Add custom time-off types (i.e., vacation, paid time-off, personal days, sick days, appointments, FMLA)
- Group your users by offices
- 3 levels of users (Administrators, Managers, Employees), each with their own different permissions
- Ability to define Special Event days (days where employees cannot request time-off, are warned or notified on the calendar)
- Ability to display balance in hours or in days
- Set specific work days for each of your employees
- Dates can be display in any international format
- Multi-language : English, French and Spanish
- Multi-level approval process

Customer Reviews
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“ Night and day from our previous system; this has cut down my manager's work load tremedously. ”


“ Very end user friendly. 9 out of 10. Simple, low cost, easy to use. ”


“ The most affordable product we found, while maintaining complete functionality. Customer support and responsiveness to customer requests is excellent. Intuitive steps and controls. Audit trails allow for easy and complete research of employee leave behaviors. Wide variety of reports are ready-made. ”


“ Time Off Manager is easy for all the employees here to use. It's a great way to track how much time off an employee has used and how much they have left. Requesting a day off is very simple, and now we do not have to fill out a form for that, so we are saving paper too! ”


“ I have always had amazing support with TimeOffManager. This was the first purchase I ever made for my company and I am really happy with it. Jason's team is constantly improving the TimeOffManager site, and the one time an update went against our normal flow of work they created a work-around for us within a day. ”


“ The system is very user friendly and has worked well with our different time-off types & rules. User support has been great in making modifications that allow us to use the system without any additional manual recordkeeping. Overall, it's a great product & very reasonably priced for the cost of saving man hours to manually maintain the same information. ”


“ We love this product, it is easy! And our contact Jason has proved to be a "Prize". I would recommend this software 100%, we used another in 2010 and it failed us in so many ways. And the price is right!!! ”


“ The system was customized to our needs and so far it has done a great job at managing our employee's vacation and sick time. Users find it very easy to use. Ironflow continues to pump out features for this system which can only improve the product such as time off reminders and improved calendar. The system was able to capture some of our complicated policies of taking time-off. Overall, Ironflow was very easy to work with and customer support was readily available. I would recommend this product to other companies. ”

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