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Sales & Marketing
Whether you want to warm up a new lead, or stay in touch with a current customer, 1CRM automates this process, so that you can effortlessly provide excellent customer service. Detailed charts & reports are generated to enable you to calculate, rather than speculate your next move. 

Order Management
1CRM enables you to streamline your ordering process and finance management. Create custom quotes & invoices on-the-spot, while referencing your 1CRM product catalog. Track payments, bills, sales & purchase orders. Then, complete the transaction by tracking shipping & receiving.

On-Premise Software
Different to Cloud-Hosted systems, 1CRM Startup Edition is not a tryout or a rental – it’s yours to install on your own Windows, Linux or Mac server.  It is a CRM software that you truly own, and provides you with lifetime access to your information. 1CRM Startup Edition is only available On-Premise from. 

Daily Activities
1CRM helps you stay on schedule by organizing your most important information within a single dashboard. Book meetings & calls, and receive reminders when they’re approaching. Check your RSS feeds, email, stock options, and the weather. Collaborate via group calendaring, company forum & task management tools.  

Customer Service & Support
Combining your sales, marketing, service & support into one system enables everyone in your business to provide exceptional customer service. Access any customer’s contact information, purchase history, full interaction history, support requests, and upcoming opportunities with the click of a button. That way, customer wait times are reduced, and you will always be ready to continue the conversation.  

Project Management
Manage and track projects throughout their lifecycle with 1CRM. Define project templates to increase efficiency. Access booked hours, time-sheets, and employee profiles to allocate resources, and complete expense reports on-the-go!

Use 1CRM to share the same information with everyone in your business. Collaborate via group calendaring, company forum & task management tools.

Make it your own by customizing your theme, language, layout, mobile experience, reports & documents.

Customer Reviews
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1CRM provides Funhaven with the ability to develop a highly customized sales management system that works the way we work, and that provides valuable business insights on key performance indicators that are immediately actionable.

Dave Ellis, CEO, Funhaven

Flexible reports that wouldn’t cost a fortune…and a high level of hands on support. 1CRM Corp. offered us both of those and has lived up to their promises.

Mark Pinsley, CEO, Adaco Services LLC
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